>Checker Plus Lite for Google Calendar provides Reminders for Scheduled Events


Checker Plus Lite for Google Calendar is a Google Chrome extension. It shows reminders for scheduled meetings, tasks and events from your Google Calendar profile. Apart from it, you can add events from the popup in month or week. You’ll find all reminders at Windows notification area above system tray. There will be options to make the reminder display as conveniently.

Checker Plus Lite for Google Calendar Features

  • Reminds for scheduled meetings, tasks, and events.
  • Add events by clicking on any day in the popup calendar or with “Quick Add”.
  • Get reminders of your contacts’ birthdays and events.
  • Notification of events even when there is no internet connection with offline mode.
  • Supports multiple Google Calendars and Google Apps Calendars.
  • See the current date right on the icon.
  • Popup a calendar for the month, week or agenda view when clicking on the icon.
  • You can add a cooking timer that yells out “take out pizza!”.
  • Desktop notifications “like Outlook” when your event occurs that you can snooze.
Once you have installed Checker Plus Lite for Google Calendar, it adds an icon next to the address bar. Make sure to login with Google account credentials in order to configure the advance options. After logging in, click its icon and then select the “Options” to customize the reminder.

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