>QuickDMG to Create Disk Images on Mac


QuickDMG is a miniscule app specially designed for Mac. You can use this app to create a disk image with ease. You can choose the disk image format types including UDIF zlib-compressed, UDIF bzip2-compressed, UDIF read/write, UDIF read only, NDIF compressed, and SPARSE (expandable size with content). With this app you can instantly create disk images on Mac.

To get started with QuickDMG, first open the extracted folder. Then launch QuickDMG and select files or folders from local locations. After selecting the files, click Open to bring up QuickDMG options dialog box. You’ll be asked to choose the disk image format. While selecting a Disk Image format from the list, make sure to consider disk image extension. After selecting the disk image format, choose the output location.

By default, the image will be created in the source directory of selected file and folder location. When you hit the OK button, it will start creating the disk image at selected location. Once the process is completed, double-click the image to mount it. QuickDMG only works on Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.5. You can download it from the below link:

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