>Who deleted me on Facebook App to Find who Deleted You


Facebook friend lists are all about the bloat. Removing someone from Facebook is socially awkward. You must be having many friends on your Facebook friend list. If someone de-friends you, then you might not notice it easily. Yes if he/she is that much closer to you, then only you may find the absence. Do you want to track the person who deleted you on Facebook? If yes, then you can use Who deleted me on Facebook? app. This app is specially designed for Facebook users to track the user who removed you from Facebook.

Nikolay Dimitrov, developer for New Brand Vision Group and the creator of “Who Deleted Me?” says,
“I got the idea from my own curiosity of wanting to know who had de-friended me on Facebook. One day I woke up and my friend count had dropped from 280 to 278 and I just couldn’t figure out who had deleted me! While there seemed to have been a lot of attempts made in the past to leverage this kind of data, none felt straightforward enough to make me want to use them, which is why I created my own”.
It’s a simple Facebook app that lets you find out who deleted you from the Facebook friends list. Once you have installed the app, it will keep track of your friendships and anytime something changes. You’ll get email in which you’ll be able to know who did what. To use this app, simply log into the app using your Facebook authorization. It won’t show he previous records of people who have deleted you. It will take a record of happenings in your profile. You’ll email notification, if you have deleted some one from your friends list or if your friend has deleted you. It also shows notification, if your friend de-activated his/her Facebook account.
Click Here to get started.

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