>EgoBook lets you Create your Own Book from Facebook Profile


EgoBook is a cool Facebook app that lets you have  a physical copy of your interactions from your Facebook wall. It compiles the wall messages, friends’ comments, status updates, and published pictures from your Facebook profile. It includes a top 20 list of the best commenters on your wall and a neat photo mosaic of all of the your Facebook friend avatars. This is really a great way to make a book from Facebook profile.

EgoBook Features

  • Facebook-themed book cover that shows your current profile photo and a line of title that you could specify at your own.
  • All status updates, profile photos, wall posts, upload mobile pictures, comments, wall mounting posts since June 2009, the contents of the book.
  • Configure the options such as language, date range and photo sizes.
  • Photo mosaic of all friends appears at the end of the book as well as the top 20 list of  friends who commented most frequently in your wall.
  • EgoBook can on behalf of another friend to create and which he held as a perfect gift for your social media friends.
  • EgoBook can be created for a Facebook fan page.
  • Currently English and French language are supported.

Procedure to get started with EgoBook:

1) First download EgoBook app from the below link.

2) Set the options like language, date range and photo sizes.

3) Now edit the title of the front cover page.

4) That’s it, now preview the book.

Get EgoBook App.


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