>FireShot Extension to Capture & Edit Screenshots in Chrome


FireShot is one of the most popular Chrome extension. It lets you capture, edit, add notes, transfer, upload,modify, organize,  and screenshot prints from web pages. You can save images in different  formats and upload them to Flickr, picasa, Image Shack etc. It’s a great extension which is very simple to use.

The creators of the famous ScreenShot Studio software, has developed Fireshot. After installing this extension, it will sit next to the search bar. When you click on it, you can see all the options. Right from here, you are allowed to capture, upload, email, edit, print, save, and annotate screenshots. Apart from it, this addon provides many useful features that you can avail in your Chrome.
When you capture a screenshot, more enhanced options are displayed within a user interface. The options include addition of text, shape, and drawing tools. The drop down menu in button form on this interface, also displays many options. There’s a upload button that lets you upload files to a server, Flickr, Picasa, etc. Finally Fireshot is an excellent extension that provides efficient management, advanced editing, and image sharing options.

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