>How To Root HTC EVO 4G (Detailed Instructions And Links)


Finally the the instructions to Root Your HTC EVO 4G are out a day before EVO 4G is officially put on sale.
Yes, your aren’t dreaming this one, in fact a step by step guide in now released on XDA-Developers that will enable you to root your HTC EVO 4G without hassles and disturbances. This rooting method will help you in wiping all the data and allowing you to custom recovery boot.
Now we see how exactly to root your HTC EVO 4G:
  1. First you must turn the phone power off
  2. Now hold the volume down button when you power up the phone and continue holding this button unless you see a white boot-loader screen coming up.
  3. this boot-loader will now start examining the files to find PC36IMG.zip. the progress will be indicated by a bluish progress bar.
  4. After this, you will be prompted if you want to flash, you will press YES
  5. Now a prompt with reboot option will appear, press yes and here you go, You have a rooted HTC EVO 4G in your hands.
Please note that all the downloading files ( PC36IMG.zip + evorecovery) can be found at the original XDA-developers thread.
Disclaimer: Tiptz is not responsible in case you brick your EVO 4G during the Rooting or ROM loading process.

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