>Incredible Startpage to Enhance Chrome Start Page


The standard blank tab page in Chrome browser displays popular websites as thumbnails, a text link to browser the bookmarks that have been added to the browser. It displays a list of recently closed tabs and a link to the browsing history. Incredible Startpage is a Google Chrome extension that offers an alternative to the standard start page of the browser. It brings a new tab to replace the standard new tab page. It changes the start page to a three-panel view of your favorite bookmarks, closed tabs, customizable color scheme. Here you can instantly add notes and send them to Gmail.

Key Features

  • Easily access your favorite bookmarks in a large frame.
  • Take notes and post to Gmail in one click.
  • Customizable color theme.
  • Simple closed tab recovery.
You can see the bigger panel on the right showing the folders from your Bookmarks toolbar. Here you can choose the folder as main. To do this, simply select the folder in the smaller pane and choose “Show as main”. You can create a new folder in your bookmarks toolbar and drop the bookmarks (frequently used) in that folder. After that you can show this folder in the right panel as the main folder.
You can go to the Notes section at left top of the start page, to write notes. Your notes are saved locally in the extension settings. The notes will remind you of important tasks whenever you open a new tab in Chrome. You can also sync these notes as you sync the browser bookmarks in Chrome. Incredible StartPage comes at the cost of roughly 30 Megabytes of computer memory that the extension needs.

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