>Tabs Visual Manager to Manage all Opened Tabs with Ease


Firefox has already the option to display thumbnails for all open tabs when you click on a button in the Firefox tabbar. But by default, you won’t find the same option in Chrome browser. Tabs Visual Manager is a Chrome extension from Google that lets you have instant thumbnail preview of all the opened tabs in a new window or tab. You can easily manage and preview your tabs in a Tab or Popup.

If you often work with several tabs and unable to remember all the opened websites, then Tabs Visual Manager will be a good extension for you. After installation, click on the icon of the extension in the Chrome address bar for tab preview feature. You can use the keyboard to launch the thumbnail preview window of all open tabs. If you are a Windows user then press Alt T, Mac users Ctr Shift T, and Linux users Shit Alt T to display the window. When you click on any website thumbnail, that tab will be active in the web browser. If you are having many open tabs, then you can easily find the tab you are looking for.
Apart from this, you can group all search result tabs next to each other. The selected tabs can be bookmarked and you can open them in a new browser window. By checking a visual view of the opened tabs will let you remember an immediate task that you might have forgotten. Finally Tabs Visual Manager is a useful extension for Chrome users who want to open many tabs in a single window.

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