>Myousic – Incredible Online Music Player based on HTML5


Web apps integrates with HTML5 can change the way we think of our browsers. HTML5 can directly stream audio and video files without any additional plugins. Myousic is a brilliant example, an incredible music player based on HTML5. It uses the simple <audio> tag to stream music streams. While streaming music, it saves your playlist and tracks in local storage.

Key Features

  • HTML5 based music player.
  • Click play or star it to add into play list.
  • Use the search box to find songs quickly.
  • Add comments in Facebook from the app.

Myousic lets you search music from across the web and save tracks that you like to a playlist. Just use the search box to start listening music. From YouTube, each item in the search results is streamed. After that you can play or save the song in your playlist. It depends upon the source of the stream by which the quality of the songs changes.

You’ll find a comments link with each song item. This is directly connected to your Facebook account. Myousic works well with mobile browsers because of the HTML5 structure. It works smoothly in an iPhone. Its intutive interface is suitable for mobile devices including iPhone, Android, and so on. Myousic is a dead simple music player powered by HTML5. It is available in the OpenAppMarket and you can create a shortcut on the desktop directly entering the official website.

Click Here to get started.

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