>Auto Reply To Text Messages & Incoming Calls On Your Android Phone


At times when one is just too busy to be taking calls or replying to text messages, there are several Android apps on the market that can cover for you. However, not all apps from said category autoreply to both text messages and calls and not all of them add, edit and

delete custom auto-texts. More importantly, not all of them are free.

Can’t Text (Free Version) is a new free Android app that provides a smart and simple User Interface with all the essential features needed to make autoreplying to text messages and missed calls easier. Read on after the break for more info.

The UI is simple yet easy on the eyes. Three buttons at the bottom allow the user to activate autoreply for text messages, missed calls or both. Note that enabling autoreply for calls will lock the Ringer Volume at zero for as long as the app is active and that an auto reply will not be sent to callers whose call are received.

Tapping the Current Message text field in the application brings up the Select Message list which allows you to choose from several predefined autoreplies and save/set your own.

Any autoreply messages saved by the user can be deleted or edited from the Select Message list by holding down on them.

At the moment, there is a bug in the application that keeps the Ringer Volume locked at zero even after autoreply to calls has been disabled. This can, however, be fixed by force closing the application

using any Android task manager.

The free version of Can’t Text contains advertisements. There is an ad-free paid version of the app

currently available in the android market for $0.99.

Download Can’t Text (Free Version)


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