>BigPhone Is Google Voice Menu Bar Application For Mac [Giveaway]


From all the Google voice desktop utilities for Mac, you are going to love BigPhone. The developer, Mike Enriquez, has kept everything minimalistic while offering all nifty features in menu bar that you can think of, such as, accessing inbox, composing new text messages, monitoring voice mail, and viewing latest inbox items. Since it works from menu bar, you can keep Google Voice account at your fingertips. There isn’t much to configure or to tinker around. Just launch the app, log in with Google Voice account, and you are all set up. With Big Phone, you can send new messages in a snap, as it comes with pre-defined hotkey combination to instantly compose and send messages from your desktop.

Note: BigPhone for Google Voice is a paid application, which costs $3.99. We are giving away 5 licenses to our readers. More information regarding taking part in giveaway contest is provided at the end of post.

Big Phone keeps you notified about the missed calls, newly arrived text messages, and unheard voicemails. Additionally, it supports Growl notification service to let you know about unread messages. The text messages window emulates traditional IM chat environment, displaying messages in a conversation form. Moreover, it can retrieve your contact list instantly as you type to enter one specific Google Voice contact, so there isn’t any need to manually import the list to let it autocomplete when needed.

After the application is installed, it will prompt you to sign in with Google Voice credentials. Once verified, you’re good to go. Now right-click its icon in menu bar to access the provided features. As mentioned beforehand, it comes with a notification system, plus it supports Growl to keep to notified all the time. When a new message is arrived, you will get a notification underneath the menu bar.

From the menu bar drop-down menu, you can quickly open your Inbox to view missed calls, unread messages, unheard voicemails, compose a new message, and view most recent items in your inbox.

With it sleek conversation window interface, you can keep it handy at any corner of the screen to conversate with anyone, as well as, keep your focus on important tasks.

The video below demonstrates the usage and features in details.

It works on Mac 10.6.6.

Download BigPhone


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