>Oomfo Creates Super Cool Graphic Animations for PowerPoint


Today PowerPoint means more than a slideshow. With the power of PowerPoint you can impress others with fanciful animations and effects. Well you can add some more spice to your PowerPoint presentation by using Oomfo. This cool tool adds Flash-based charts to your PowerPoint presentations. It provides options to incorporate charts based on Adobe Flash into presentations. For this you need to have Adobe Flash installed on your computer.

Once you have installed Oomfo, it will automatically merge with your Microsoft PowerPoint. If you are a office 2007/2010 user, then you can find Oomfo under Insert tab. If you are using Office 2003, then navigate to Microsoft PowerPoint > Insert > Oomfo > chart. Once done, you’ll see the Oomfo window with all the options for creating graphical animation charts and visuals with their step by step wizard. After creation, click Finish and insert it on your presentation.

Check out the below video:

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