>Discover The Best Android Games For Your Tegra-Powered Android Device With NVIDIA Tegra Zone


NVIDIA’s Android game-discovery app, the NVIDIA Tegra Zone has been officially launched and is available for download from the Android Market for free. The app is a one stop shop for the best Android games out there – “The Destination for Mobile Games”, as claimed by the folks at NVIDIA – and a place where you can share your favorite games with your friends.
Good Android games are hard to come by which is why mobile gaming enthusiasts often turn to other mobile platforms. NVIDIA Tegra Zone is a welcome arrival for Android users all around. The app allows you to discover the best Android games out there, complete with price, ratings, professional game reviews, high-resolution screenshots and related HD videos.

In addition, users can share pages viewed on Tegra Zone with friends via social networks. To share a page, simply press/tap the menu button on your device while on it and select Share.

Uses will be able to browse through a comprehensive database of high-end Android games, with a load of material to help them decide which ones they want to buy. The games are linked to their Android Market pages from where they can be purchased and downloaded.


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