>Find Out Website Status In Chrome With Server Monitor


A while ago we reviewed EasyNetMonitor which is a portable network and website monitoring tool that allows you to check if a specified website or network computer is down. Unfortunately, the free version of this app (which we reviewed), only allows adding two websites or network systems to be monitored. In order to monitor more hosts, users are required buying the full version. Server Monitor is a Google Chrome extension that enables you to monitor unlimited number of specified URLs to check if a website is down. It can also be used to monitor a personal blog or associated website status.

All online URLs appear in green color and any website that may be down appears in red color. Yellow color means the site was found but content was different than expected. Clicking Update Now from the button next to the address bar will instantly check the website(s) status.

To Add URLs to monitor, go to Server Monitor Options from Tools –> Extensions. From there, click onAdd New Server and specify a website by entering a name and URL. You can also enable pop-up notifications for errors, unexpected responses and restoration of the server (when it comes back online after being

Unfortunately, the extension does not provide an option to monitor IPs on a Local Area network (LAN) like EasyNetMonitor. However, it can still be quite useful for monitoring websites.

Server Monitor Extension for Chrome


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