>MyPaint Is Digital Painting App For Windows, Linux And Mac


MyPaint is a brilliant open source application for digital painters. It provides plentiful of dynamic options for creating a graphical output that resembles the work of a real life canvas based painting. Although, MyPaint is primarily designed for Linux, versions for both Windows and Mac are also available. It comes with a large brush collection that emulates the effect of substances such as charcoal and ink while the in-build brush engine allows mixing and mashing brush types in order to create an output that appears like a real life painting.

The main interface of MyPaint displays a brush engine, color selector and a virtual canvas. It also supports pressure sensitive graphic tablets, which makes it even easier for users to create digital art work. A graphics tablet is a computer input device that allows hand-drawing images and graphic.

You can work in layers by choosing appropriate options from the Layers menu from the virtual canvas. Likewise, brushes and color types can also be selected from the Brush and Color tab (other than the color and brush engines). The File menu provides options to edit and open saved images, which also includes adding pictures or graphics to the canvas for editing or re-imaging. The Edit menu mainly contains undo and re-do option, along with a small pressure map for changing the tone of the image.

The complete rang of brush options include emulators for wet, basic, textured, splatter, smudge, arcylic and variable other brush effects. Each tab of the brush engine contains different kinds of brush types. For example, the Ico-dy tab has its unique range of brush types which are different from the brushes available from the Classic, Deevad, Default, Experimental and other brush engine tabs. This means that the user has a choice of hundred or more options for giving brush effects to their digital painting.

To make it short, MyPaint is an excellent tool for creating digital paintings with a large array of vibrant options. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems.

Download MyPaint


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