>Sound An Alarm On Android When Charger Is Disconnected


Ever had to leave your phone at charge and then have to walk away because you can’t really be there all the time? Been through those heart pounding moments where you’re not sure if you’d ever see the phone you left on charge again? Charger Alarm is an application for those people who never charge on time and are stuck trying to charge their phones at odd places.

It is a relatively new app that just hit the market and is actually quite unique. Why do you need an app for charging? You don’t, but this app let’s you sound an alarm for those moments where you don’t have the phone in sight and someone decides to unplug it for reasons that are best left to imagination. Yes, the moment the phone is unplugged, the siren will sound, and trust us, it IS loud.

Now the app is very minimalistic in looks and features as well. What it does best is serve the purpose it was built for. Using Charger Alarm is literally a walk in the park for any user with a straight forward GUI. The main interface can be seen below. The Settings and Exit options can be accessed by pressing the menu key on your phone.

To get the alarm working, select Arm and your alarm will sound the next time you or someone else plugs your phone out. It doesn’t matter whether you plug your phone after selecting Arm or prior to that. To turn off the alarm in situations you don’t want it to sound, simply select Disarm.

There you go! The simplest of apps for the simplest and our most recurring needs.

Install Charger Alarm


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