>Check Your Password Strength And Vulnerability Level With Pass-O-Meter


Keeping a strong password is necessary to avoid hacking attacks by malicious software, common and social engineering hackers. Many software attempt to use dictionary words in order to hack accounts. A bigger threat comes from social engineering hackers who attempt to penetrate accounts by using the information available on social media profiles. A recent example was of a hacker who used Facebook profiles information (of women) to hack their accounts and later sent intimate pictures to all Facebook contacts of the women. Many of these vulnerabilities can be overcome by the use of extensions and desktop applications such as Last Pass and 1password. However, when it comes to Local Area Network (LAN), virtual machines and the like, it is not possible to use browser extensions and (occasionally) applications to secure passwords. In such a case, one is bound to keep and manage passwords manually. Pass-O-Meter is a utility designed to measure password strength. This can help in checking the strength of passwords for routers, virtual machines, e-banking accounts, etc. When you enter a password, a scale shows the password strength in the following colors: gray (password not for actual use), red (weak password), orange (medium a password), yellow (strong password), green (very strong password), and blue (which is the most secure password and is deemed impossible to crack with the currently available technology).

Simply enter a password to see the Pass-O-Meter strength level. The scale automatically adjusts, showing the strength of the entered password. The LED indicator lights and color represent the number of points according to the strength of the entered password. This can allow checking the strength of passwords before assigning them on sensitive network and online accounts.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Pass-O-Meter


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