>How To Take Screenshots In Android Using Android SDK


Taking screenshots of those glorious widgets or applications on your Android device has never been quite as we would’ve liked, especially if you compare how easily the iPhone manages to do that by pressing the combination of the right keys. While there are tools like ShootMe that let you easily take screenshots, here’s a little tutorial on how to take screenshots of your phone using the Android SDK.
To start off, you need the Android SDK. See a detailed guide on how to install Android SDK, in case you aren’t familiar with it.
Once, you have the SDK all set to go, connect your phone to the PC (make sure you have USB Debugging mode set to on), navigate to android-sdk-windows tools > and run ddms.bat.
Now when you run ddms.bat, a command prompt form will open. Be patient this will take around 10 seconds and a new window will popup.
Now click on Device in the menu and then, Screen Capture.
After you click on screen capture. You will see the following screen. On your phone, move to the screen you want to be captured and then click Refresh. Then click on Save name your file and you’re all done.
There you have it, enjoy your screenshots. Easy wasn’t it? Let us know if this worked well for you.

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