>Add Subtitles In PowerPoint 2010 Audio And Video File With STAMP


STAMP is an open source add-in for PowerPoint 2010 (and PowerPoint 2007) to caption or to create subtitle for videos and audio files that are included in your presentation. Caption, just as with images, can be added to describe the part of video or audio being played. Subtitling audio and video files comes handy in many situations. You may want to caption the video or audio before presenting your points to people with different dialect. So they can easily understand what is being spoken in video or audio which you are presenting.
It offers a simple way for adding subtitles to inserted audio and video files. It presents a media player with basic playback and navigation controls to select part of audio/video for adding description. You can add captions to inserted video/audio without having to worry about sorting them in an order, as it can sort all the added captions according to the defined timelines with a single click.
After installing the add in, head over to Insert tab to insert audio or video file into your slide. Once added, select the inserted media file, and from Video Tools or Audio Tools tab, under Captions group, click Add Captions.
STAMP dialog will appear, asking you to set start and end point of caption. You can play/pause the media file to note down the time where captions are required. The best way to set time is to pause the playback where you want to start adding captions, and click Set Start time. Similarly, you can follow this for setting ending time of caption. Once caption is added, click Add Caption to insert new one. Follow the same procedure for adding other captions to ensure synchronization with A / V playback.
Edit Captions option in Captions group lets you edit the inserted captions anytime. After you’ve changed the start and end time or text of caption, click Update Captions. Since it can sort captions according to the defined timelines, click Sort to get captions in an order.
Before marking the presentation as complete, do verify caption synchronization with inserted audio or video file by running slideshow. It supports both PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010.

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