>iPhone Acquires First Rank in J.D. Power 2011 Customer Smartphone Satisfaction Survey


According to the survey which was conducted by J.D.Power, Apple’s iPhone is the number one handset that customers are most satisfied with. According to 9to5Mac, Apple acquires first rank in in J.D. Power 2011 customer smartphone satisfaction survey. Apple came out top ahead of Motorola, HTC, Palm, Nokia, Samsung, and RIM BlackBerry. From the last consecutive five years Apple has been attending this award.

The categories the J.D.Power judges look at are given below:

Operation (30%); physical design (30%); features (20%); and battery function (20%). For smartphones, the key factors are: ease of operation (26%); operating system (24%); physical design (23%); features (19%); and battery function (8%).

According to the results of survey, iPhone performs “particularly well” in ease of use, operating system and physical design. It is expected that Apple will release iPhone 5 in June. It will come with similar design to the iPhone 4, multi-processor A5, and bigger edge to edge screen.


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