>NoSleep Wakes Up Your System And Hibernate It At Defined Time [Mac]


Are you planning to download or transfer heavy files till the better part of the night? Before you begin, you need to make sure that your Mac will not go into hibernation state. To achieve this, you can use previously covered Caffiene, but if you want an application which can provide both functionalities – preventing Mac from falling asleep and to come out of hibernation at specified time, try No Sleep. In a nutshell, you can define a time for keeping your Mac active, and if required, for waking up your PC from sleep at scheduled intervals. It lets you specify date and time for both aforementioned functions. You can keep both options enabled to terminate system activities and to wake your system up at specified date and time. It comes with another smart option to quit the app whenever required – You can enter number of hours to keep NoSleep active as long as you want to.

After you’ve downloaded the application, launch it with administrative privileges. The main interface shows both functions right up front with option to enable/disable them anytime. To enable, lets say, quit Mac activity, enable Quit on date and time option followed by specify the date and time for termination. Once done, you can also specify time to keep NoSleep running for defined amount of time. Similarly, you can adjust time and date for waking up Mac from sleep. At right side, enable the options and specify both time and date.

The application comes with Chalelaut app which makes it run in admin mode. If you’re already logged in as administrator or can access system root, you can launch NoSleep from any method which suits you more. It runs on Mac 10.4-10.6

Download NoSleep


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