>Most Luxurious iPad 2 of Diamonds, Rocks, Dinosaur bone and Gold for 8 Million US Dollars Only


Stuart Hughes has designed the most luxurious iPad 2 which is made up of Gold, Diamonds, T-REX Dinosaur Bones and Rocks. Presently he have made only two pieces. The price of this iPad 2 is only $8,000,000 USD. As the price is very high so you can not easily get your hands on. The front frame of this iPad is made up of Ammolite which is one of the oldest rocks in the world.

The back side of iPad 2 is covered with 24-carat gold with an immense weight of 2000 grams along with an Apple logo which has 53 gems sparkling in solid 24ct. The home button of iPad 2 is made of a single-cut flawless 8.5ct diamond with 12 outer flawless diamonds surrounding it.

Currently there is no information available about the technical specs of this iPad 2. The most interesting thing is the price of this device. If you want to buy this iPad 2 then you have to pay 8 Million US Dollars or 5 million Pounds which is very high.


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