>AKShell – Develop And Publish JavaScript Based Scripts And Apps Online


If you’re about to start a JavaScript project, it would be better to use AkShell web service rather than installing a heavy web development environment. It provides server side development and hosting, with an online IDE which is designed especially to code JS based apps and scripts. It features all the essential tools which you might require while creating a JavaScript based app with a facility to instantly deploy the web app.
You just need to provide code and AkShell will handle the rest. It uses an open source PostgreSQL which allows interpreting almost all the SQL constructs, so database management of your Java script based project work will be both easy and free from any database specific conflicts. Git console is integrated within to make the code management easy for users. Furthermore, users can also collaborate with each other on GitHub to take suggestions and exchange code modules to speed up the development process.
Along with starting a fresh project, you can also import code files into AkShell editor to modify them. To begin, visit AkShell to open the live editor. The editor emulates traditional IDE user interface, with navigation bar to browse through code files and main window to edit the opened file. The left side offers two sections to view and open files in current workspace and explore libraries, environments, and other code files respectively.
The main toolbar lets you switch between different modes. To edit the file, make sure the Edit option is enabled. Alongside Edit, Eval and Commit options are available to evaluate and compile the code. Clicking Git will open Git console to run commands. If you want to open any saved code file from local location, click File on menu bar followed by Upload File to specify the file location.
Once you’ve coded the Java Script app, you can publish it from App menu. Before publishing the app, check live server preview of the developed application or script by clicking Preview on main toolbar. AKShell is certainly a handy online editor to code JavaScript web applications.


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