>Safely Delete Obsolete And Unwanted System Services With StartEd


StartEd Lite is the free version of the robust StartEd application. It allows easy identification and disabling of system hogging, obsolete, unwanted, and malware processes and services that run in the background. You can get an overview of the potentially unwanted start services and application processes that can be easily paused or stopped to reduce strain on the system. It also enables easy identification of malware processes (such as the ones run by Trojans). With StartEd you can view, Edit, Delete, Disable and add entries to Windows startup, obsolete startup items cab be detected, system services can be sorted according to multiple categories (such as local machine, current user and default run), you can print the the startup list and can recognize and disable Trojans. Although these options can also be managed by entering msconfig in Run from the Start menu, however, StartEd provides a highlighted overview in numerous colors for easy identification of system processes and services which makes it easy for the beginners to configure these settings.
The pink colored programs are obsolete, the new ones are highlighted in yellow, the essential programs are highlighted in orange, whereas, any Trojans are identified with the red color. You can easily add a new process, launch a program and delete a program from the system startup via the right click context menu.
You can also sort program processes by the Startup Type drop down menu to allow identification of programs according to current user run, default user run and local machine run. Unwanted programs can be identified at a glance by either the highlighted colors or from program name. Some programs for instance may have left behind remnants before uninstalling (such as toolbars). These might be running in the backdrop and consuming valuable system resources. You can easily locate and remove them to reduce strain on your CPU, RAM and other resources.
System services can be stopped from the Services tab which shows an overview of obsolete, safe to disable, new, not essential, very important and essential services in multiple colors. The top of the services contain the color key that shows what each color signifies to easily find out what services may be safe to stop in order to speed up your system by disabling system hogging services. All Trojans (if any) are highlighted in red color. You can also sort the startup service from the top of the interface by viewing services automatic, manual or disabled category.
There are many services such as the notorious Google updater service that continues to run in the backdrop and consume system resources while one can do away with this service without any system issues. Such services are one of the major reasons why system eventually become slow. With StartEd, you can quickly disable such services (from right-click context menu) and speed up your system.
Some of the backup and restore features are not available with the light version. However, it still provides enough options to easily reclaim your system resources from unwanted program processes and services.
It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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