>Automatically Move Photos From Camera To Local Folders Based On Image EXIF Date


If you’ve been looking for a simple tool which can automatically read the EXIF information to transfer all photos from camera memory card to defined local directory and sort them by date and time, try outPhotoMove. The application is specially developed for photographers who, usually, copy or move photos after a long period of time to their PCs and struggle with sorting out each set of photos. PhotoMove makes organizing images ingeniously simple. It requires you to specify the location of photos followed by output location where you want to create a hierarchy of folders according to date / time tag info, and finally, the operation which is to be performed – either Copy images or to move them to defined location.
To begin, launch the application and specify image archive path under Folder with photos to processsection. You can enable Include subdirectories option to include photos in all the underlying folders of specified path. Now you need to specify the location where you want to create folder hierarchy by date and time. After you’ve defined the location, click Find Photos to search all the photos which have required EXIF meta information. It will display the total number of files it found during the process.
Now click either Copy Image files or Move Image files to perform the respective operation over the photos. Once images are copied or moved, open the specified folder to verify both folder hierarchy and date/ time tag information.
It works on all versions of Windows.


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