>Ac1dRa1n Coming Soon to Jailbreak iOS 4.3


A new jailbreaking tool is going to be released soon which will jailbreak iOS 4.3. The name of this jailbreaking tool is Ac1dRa1n which is developed by a new team named as PwnDevTeam. The members of this team are @P01sonN1nja, @SwampFox56, @Gr0undbreak1ng, @iJailSnowBreak, @IP4pwn. Just like greenpois0n, Ac1dRa1n will be One click. PwnDevTeam have used a bit of GreenPois0n source code to successfully execute their RAMDISKS.

 Ac1dRa1n will support iOS 4.3. It will be tethered and also it will include an option for Qu1ckboot using which you will be able to boot your iOS device in tethered mode with just one click. One important thing is that Ac1dRa1n will be released for both Mac OS X and Windows. According to PwnDevTeam, Ac1dRa1n will not work for iPad 2. So you will not be able to jailbreak your iPad 2 using this jailbreaking tool. You should note that still Ac1dRa1n is a rumor as it is not confirmed by anyone.


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