>Use Hotkey To Hide Icons From Mac Desktop And Change Wallpaper


One feature of Fences (a popular tool for Windows) is to organize desktop icons. The faeture I like the most is its ability to quickly hide all the desktop icons to take screenshots and sometimes, just to hide all the clutter scattered on the desktop. Sadly, Mac users are still devoid of Fences, thus badly need a software which can provide even half of what Fences brings to Windows. Clean Slate is however not comparable to Fences in terms of features and desktop organizing options, but certainly comes useful for those who would like to quickly clear up desktop for giving presentation, taking screenshots without adjusting icons manually, and for sharing desktop over network with somewhat tidier look.
The application usage is extremely simple. Launch the application and it will sit in system menu bar. To hide the desktop icons, select Hide Desktop Icons from application menu. Since hiding desktop items in this way can be a bit tedious, you must associate a hotkey from Preferences window.
Apart from defining shortcut key for hiding the icons, it also lets you clear the desktop and apply the specified wallpaper to take screenshots with more clarity or to make application windows shadow effect more prominent.
Click Pictures tab and select any suitable desktop background from left side bar. Now click with other Pictures option and close the window. Now whenever you select Hide Desktop icons from menu bar or use registered hotkey combination, it will immediately hide the icons and change the desktop wallpaper.
On using the shortcut key again, it will bring back the icons and apply the default desktop wallpaper. Clean Slate provides a better way to hide desktop icons as compared to other conventional way of doing this – From Finder Menu Preferences and by executing commands in Terminal.
Clean Slate works for Mac 10.5 – 10.6

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