>iPad 2′s Thinner Glass is Stronger than Original iPad’s [Video]


As we know the 2nd generation iPad is very thin. It is 33 percent thinner than the 1st generation iPad and the glass of 2nd generation iPad is 27% thinner than iPad 1. So you must be thinking iPad 2 would be weaker than iPad 1 when it came to its glass front end. But actually thinner glass of iPad 2 is stronger than iPad 1. A test conducted by the iPhone repair experts at iFixyouri to test the strength of iPad 2 glass.

This test indicates that the glass of iPad 2 is stronger than the glass of iPad 1. The glass of iPad 2 is a bit more flexible has more bending tolerances which makes it less vulnerable to break. You can watch the video of iPad glass strength test embedded below.



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