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>Mozilla Development Specifics Updated, Firefox 5 and 6 Release Dates

> It will never again take more than a year to move from one major version of Firefox to the next, at least not unless Mozilla decides to change the current development specifics again. You may have already heard that … Continue reading

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>NetGear NeoTV 550 HD Set-Top Box Review

> Those of you who follow me on Twitter or through other social networks may know that for the last month I’ve been testing NetGear’s new, top of the range NeoTV550 HD Media Player. This box is a small, and … Continue reading

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>WinScan2PDF, Scan Documents, Save As PDF

> I do not like scanners and printers. Why? Because it can be really difficulty to troubleshoot them. That’s a pretty selfish reason, I know, but I’m cursing more than usual on days that a family member or friend asks … Continue reading

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>Google Scribe Updated, More Languages Added

> Google introduced the text completion service Google Scribe in September of 2010. Back then it was only available for English texts. The Google labs service Google Scribe analyses the text that has been written by the user to give … Continue reading

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>How to Quickly Launch a New Styled Terminal Window on Mac OS X

> Do you want to quickly launch a new styled terminal window on your Mac OS X? Well, You can quickly launch a new styled Terminal window through the apps Mac OS X Dock icon. If you want to quickly … Continue reading

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>Watch Every SouthPark Episode for Free on iPhone Using iSouthPark [Cydia Tweak]

> Good news for iPhone users. Now you can watch every SouthPark episode for free of cost on your iPhone by using a tweak available in Cydia. The name of this tweak is iSouthPark. After you have installed this tweak on your jailbroken … Continue reading

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>Apple Releases the iBoy [Unboxing Video]

> Apple has announced the release of the iBoy which is the latest iOS device of Apple. On Israeli channel 22, a show named as Eretz Nehederet has broadcasted a video report announcing the release of the iBoy. Well, After months … Continue reading

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>Update your Facebook / Twitter Status Instantly on iPhone Using qTweeter [Cydia Tweak]

> Do you want to update your Twitter and Facebook status instantly from within any application on your iPhone? Well, You can update your Twitter and Facebook status instantly from within any application on your iPhone by using a jailbreak tweak available … Continue reading

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>Tlert Cydia Tweak will Provide you a New Texting Experience on your iPhone

> A new has been released in Cydia which will provide you a new texting experience on your iPhone. The name of this tweak is Tlert. After you have installed this tweak on your jailbroken iPhone you will be able to reply to any … Continue reading

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>More 5th Gen iPod touch Purported Photos with Capacitive-Touch Home Button Surface

> Earlier the image of 5th generation iPod touch was leaked with no physical home button. The leaked images of iPod touch 5G shows that the device has aluminum back. Now 9to5 Mac has posted some purported photos of 5th generation iPod … Continue reading

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