>Apple Blocks Access to Cydia in their Stores


Bad news for jailbreakers. Apple has blocked access to Cydia in their stores. Now you will not be able to access Cydia from their stores. As we know Apple has closed iPad 2 exploit in iOS 4.3. Now Apple has taken an extraordinary step in the war again jailbreakers. When you will connect to an Apple Store wifi network and try to go to Cydia then you will be redirected to Apple’s own website instead of loading Cydia.

This is not the first time Apple has tried blocking jailbreakers. Earlier Apple has tried blocking jailbreakers by changing how iOS handles memory and they have made changes to their mobile iOS many times. This indicates how Apple is trying hard to restrict users to go out to other hacked Apps. Well, The jailbreakers will not be affected by this step. The jailbreaks are able to jailbreak iOS devices and install the Cydia apps despite of many updates to make iOS devices jailbreak proof. [Via]

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