>Apple Looking into 3D Picture Taking Ability for iPhone 5


According to AppleInsider, Apple has been looking at adding 3D picture taking capabilities to its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A patent application from Apple related to 3D picture taking has been unveiled by The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This patent application is named as “Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors.” It describes a system which would capture, process and render 3D images using the two rear-facing cameras.

According to the patent application, Apple’s system would be able to record video in 3D along with still image. With the release of the new Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console, 3D picture taking capabilities arrived for the customers in the U.S. This portable device of Nintendo includes two rear cameras for capturing still pictures and playing augmented reality games in 3D.

You should note that this is not the first time Apple has shown interest in 3D imaging. Apple also explored 3D display capabilities with head tracking technology in 2009. So it is expected that Apple will include 3D photo or video taking capabilities in iPhone 5. [Via]


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