>desktube Is A Feature Rich Desktop And Mobile YouTube Video Player


desktube Lite is an Adobe Air based desktop client for YouTube which allows you to find, view, manage and share YouTube videos from your desktop. Being a cross platform app, it works on Windows, Mac and Linux, with apps coming soon for both Android and iOS. It is available on Meego. With desktube you can perform all the common YouTube search, view and management tasks, with the option to login to your account for posting comments, creating a playlist and sharing videos. It has a very clean and user friendly interface with features separated by tabs for easy sorting and access.
After launching desktube, the featured videos of the day are displayed at the bottom of the interface. You can search for a specific video using the search box. All videos are displayed in the Search tab, whereas the Related tab provides a list of related videos. You can toggle between video links (either from Relatedor from the Search tab), by clicking on the next / previous buttons (Play style button) at the right hand side of the interface.
To create and manage a playlist, subscriptions, favorites, etc, you can login to your YouTube account. To access the login option, click on any functionality option that is only supported by a logged in YouTube user (e.g. by clicking on the Favorites tab). This will allow you to acquire all the common features that a logged in user has, such as sharing videos, selecting favorites, subscription management, playlist creation, etc.
With its integrated options in convenient tabs, you can easily sweep through the desired features and experience a clutter free interface. This allows concentrating on a specific feature without scattered imagery. For example, on a normal YouTube page one has comments, related videos, the actual video, etc simultaneously which can cause distraction from the main feature that you trying to use. For example, you can head over to the Comments tab in desktube to easily check out the comments and post your own thoughts, without being distracted by other related features in the same visibility area (as they are boxed separately in tabs).
The video size in desktube can be enhanced to full screen and other sizes according to preference. You can select numerous viewing sizes and hide the below interface for better focus on the main video.
desktube is a fully integrated YouTube desktop client. It is likely to get even better with the release of iPhone and Android apps. During testing we found its memory utilization to be approximately 71 MB.


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