>Find Mirror Of Time Restricted Megavideo Videos In Chrome


MegaVideo Forwarder is a Chrome extension that automatically searches the HTML source code for any Megavideo link to find alternative unrestricted sources which doesn’t impose any sort of time limits. You can choose the alternative link and open it in a new tab for watching the 72 minute restricted (or any other) Megavideo stream, without any limitations. It auto-detects hidden links and provides alternative forwarding options to other services. All you need to do is to click Megavideo icon present next to the address bar (when on a Megavideo webpage). This will display alternative video streaming sources from where you can watch the exact same video without any restrictions.

Select any of the available links and you will be redirected to the alternative website (on a new tab), where you can enjoy the same video without any limitations. In case you would rather prefer watching the video on Megavideo, then you can check out Illimitux extension for Chrome and Firefox, which removes limitations from Megavideo, Megaupload and Veoh.

MegaVideo Forwarder Extension for Chrome


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