>Get Test Version of Android Market And Music 3.0 On Android


Google seems to be whipping up some updates to Android’s existing apps. We say this because during a routine update of a phone, the team from Techfrom10 found their existing market being updated to a Test version. Well lucky for us I must say as they found some interesting stuff in that Market and decided to share it with all of us.
Now what was dug up from that market, was the new Music 3.0 app, Desk Clock, Gallery and Camera. But before you get all excited, only the Music 3.0 app is functional on Android devices right now. But it’s not all that bad for the users, especially taking into account that Music 3.0 is in fact a major update from the Music app in Android 2.3, combining elements from the Gallery such as colored backgrounds and menu animations. It also supports Google Music cloud service.
Below you can see a few screenshots of the music app and you can instantly tell it resembles the Gallery.

So go ahead, give this Music player a shot! Additionally, we’ve also included the Test Market APK for you to experiment with.


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