>Volume Sync For Android Mutes Media Volume When Ringer Is Muted


Often, when you’re at work, in a library (assuming people still go to libraries) or taking a class, you tend to turn the ringer volume all the way down. That takes care of calls and notifications, but if you were to launch a game, you’d be hard pressed to turn down the Media Volume before breaking the silence and turning into the center of attention. Volume Sync for Android is a free, handy little tool that mutes the Media Volume whenever the Ringer Volume is turned all the way down.

The app runs as a background service and can be disabled via the Enabled? toggle on its preferences screen. The Notify on action? toggle allows the app to display a toast notification whenever the Ringer Volume and subsequently, the Media Volume, is muted.
Just to be clear, Volume Sync does not sync the Ringer and Media Volume levels. Also, it provides a one-way sync between the mute status of the Ringer and Media Volume, that is, muting the Media Volume does not mute the Ringer Volume.
You can grab the free version of Volume Sync for Android from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code or, if you’re feeling generous, you can buy the donate version of the app here for $1.99.


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