>Add Windows 8 Taskbar User Profile Picture In Windows 7 Taskbar


As news of Windows 8 new build-in features gets out every day, some developers have begun creating applications which emulate the Windows 8 leaked features like functionality. Recently, we heard that Windows Live will be integrated in system notification area of Windows 8. The developer AngleWZR over at deviantArt has recently created a small utility called Taskbar UserTile which, however, doesn’t integrate Windows Live features but adds user profile picture in Windows 7 taskbar with options to access Control Panel, Log off, Lock PC, and Switch user.
Taskbar UserTile is in initial alpha testing phase and contains a lot of anomalies, worth mentioning, conflicts with Windows 7 Explorer and taskbar services. Nevertheless, after giving it a try for multiple times, we got it working just fine. The usage is easy, if you’re comfortable with adding default picture in taskbar which comes in downloaded package, simply run the executable file. If you want to add an image from external source, you can either replace the image residing in Resources folder or edit configuration file (config.ini) to specify target image path. The third scenario would be of using User Profile image, to use it, just delete the configuration file and then run UserTile.exe with administrative privileges.
It will add the specified image next to system clock in taskbar. Upon click, it will show you aforementioned Windows options with facility to directly access Control Panel and User Profile settings window.


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