>Customize Facebook Interface With Minimalistic For Facebook [Extension]


Ansel Santosa, the developer behind previously featured Chrome extensions, Gmail Minimalistic,Minimalistic For Google Calendar, and Minimalistic For Google Reader, has recently released another extension for Facebook users called Minimalistic For Facebook to let them tailor Facebook interface related elements. If there are some sections that you want to remove, disable ads, change Facebook toolbar color, remove it or make it float, Minimalistic For Facebook is here to lets you do just about anything with your Facebook main page. Just like Ansel’s previous extensions, it allows you to export and import settings, so that you can quickly change the Facebook interface without having to re-configure all the elements on other systems.
After the extension is installed, you will see the main configuration window with 6 different categories lined up in left sidebar. Each category comprises of respective set of options to tweak different elements design and layout of Facebook main interface. Starting from General, you can change Facebook address bar options, show counter in favicon image, toggle Footer view On/Off, or choose to paste customized CSS code to overhaul Facebook design as per your liking.
From Theme, you can switch to full-width layout. This will make your Facebook feeds area to stretch according to your monitor display resolution. You can also change Facebook default blue color and accent color, and enable highlights on hovering over images.
The Facebook Toolbar related options are present in Toolbar section, where you will find options to hide the toolbar, make it a floating toolbar, hide Facebook logo, hide icons for messages, notifications and friend requests, toggle search bar view, and finally hide Home and Profile links.
Similarly, you will find exhaustive options to change Facebook navigation bar and sidebar in respective sections. From Main windows, you can work on tiny details, such as, hiding date and time stamps with updates, hide application descriptions, like, link, and poll and question stories, disable photo theater, hide top/recent feeds list button, chat bar and so on. Minimalistic For Facebook certainly provides the best solution to unclutter Facebook interface.


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