>Read RSS Feeds From Mac Menu Bar With Fresh Feed


Fresh Feed is a RSS reader for Mac developed to give users a quick look at latest updates of subscribed RSS feeds. The developer focused on making it totally distraction free desktop feeds reader. It pops up from system menu bar with list of recent posts of subscribed feeds. You can click any article to open it in default web browser. The posts from subscribed feeds are displayed with time and date stamps. It takes nothing more than adding RSS source links to populate the feeds list. You can also choose to disable feeds from specific sources whenever you want without removing the sources from the list.
Once the application is downloaded, it will sit in system menu bar. Now click its icon to view sample feeds list. To add the RSS sources links, click small config button to add the RSS sources links. Once the feeds list is added, click Save to view the updates from specified RSS list by clicking Fresh Feeds icon.
To quickly move through all the latest articles and updates, use the next button present alongside configto jump over 5-6 feeds in the list. The major downside is that it doesn’t support syncing with Google Reader feeds list, which would have made it a lot useful. It works on Mac 10.6.6.


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