>How To Speed Up Resuming Of Apps On Windows Phone 7 [Instant Resume]


Users of the Windows Phone 7 platform, regardless of the brand, be it HTC or Samsung, all have to make peace with the irritating Resume confirmation whenever they have to switch back to an app you had to leave. The most recurring scenario is when you, say for example, were playing a game, and get a text message where you send a reply and then move back to the app. You are asked if you want to resume the app, and then comes the nerve wrenching 10 to 15 seconds wait (lag). How WP7 users cope with that is beyond us. For advanced users, there is a fix for that available now thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Jaxbot and you can now have instant resumeon your WP7 device. Did we say advanced users? Yes, because it’s not all that sweet. Read on for more on this hack and how to get it on your device.
If you’re still contemplating on why we said advanced users, you’re about to find out. However, that is merely an advice and we cannot stop you from going on some adventure now can we? Coming back to point, the hack is as simple as a hack can get. It is achieved simply by changing a value in a registry key. For that you require a Developer Unlocked phone.
Other than that, the results may vary from phone to phone for now. Some lag effects have been reported as well aside from reports of the hack being a success. However the hack is not something irreversible and the Registry Key can be reverted back to it’s original value nor does it risk crippling your device.
Now that you’re aware of what you’re dealing with and understand that this can only be applied to a Developer Unlocked phone, let’s get your WP7 phone hacked!
Below, you can see in the video how the hack actually pans out.

Video courtesy of windowsphonehacker.
  1. Simply Edit the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\TaskHost registry key by setting the value forDehydrateOnPause to (zero).
That is it! No need to restart the phone or anything, the results should show immediately. Surprisingly small hack for the results you get, or you hope you might get given the mixed rate of success. If this hack made things worse for you, or if it did work for you and you still want to revert back to default for some odd reason, you can simply set the value of DehydrateOnPause to 3.
For updates and queries, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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