>Verizon iPad 2 Owners Report 3G Connection Problems


Are you a Verizon iPad 2 owner and facing 3G connection problem? Well, Some Verizon iPad 2 owners on Apple’s discussion forums are reporting that they are facing 3G connection problems. In a thread called “iPad 2 WiFi + 3G Verizon Cellular Data Issue” started by one user named “nixxon 2000″ on Apple’s discussion forums shows lots of Verizon iPad 2 users are reporting 3G connection problems. They are not able to connect their iPad 2 to Verizon Wireless’ 3G network.

Really it’s a very bad news for Verizon iPad 2 owners. According to a report, Apple and Verizon are blaming each other for this issue. Some users are reporting that restoring iPad 2 using iTunes is the only way to fix this connection problem. Well, It is expected that this issue can be fixed through a software update. [Via]

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