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>Toggle LTE On / Off On HTC Verizon Thunderbolt With LTE OnOFF

>Many new Android devices that are coming out have begun supporting LTE NETWORKS, such as the HTC Verizon Thunderbolt, Motorola Atrix 4G, etc. However, while being on LTE provides you with high upload and download data speeds, this can be … Continue reading

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>teXty For Android Provides A Two-Tap Shortcut To Frequently Sent SMS

> teXty for Android is a free app that saves you the hassle of having to type and send the same SMS to the same contacts over and over again. The freeware includes a home screen widget that, when tapped, … Continue reading

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>How To Speed Up Impaled Hardware Keyboard On Samsung Epic 4G

> XDA-Developers forum member theimpaler747 has just released a keyboard patch for the Samsung Epic 4G. If you’re a text-a-holic, you must have noticed the keyboard missing out some inputs as you speed up your typing. While a lot of custom ROMs have … Continue reading

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>Enable CRT Animation, SMS And Get Desktop Versions Of Websites On Motorola Xoom

> Motorola Xoom, Google’s flagship Honeycomb tablet has just received a mod courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member, sangreal06 that has suddenly taken the device to a new level of awesomeness. Your Xoom can now let you view thedesktop version of websites, without needing to … Continue reading

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>Install Stable Overclock Kernel On HTC Verizon Thunderbolt

> The HTC Verizon Thunderbolt is Verizon’s flagship phone right now along with the iPhone 4, and packs quite the punch with it’s powerful hardware. The CPU of the Thunderbolt like many other Android phones, can be overclocked through an Overclock enabled kernel. However, … Continue reading

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>How To Root Any Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Stock ROM

> Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most popular Android devices out there. We have previously covered rooting guides for the Galaxy based on Froyo Stock ROMs. Then a few weeks back when the unofficial Gingerbread was leaked, it obviously removed all previous root privileges … Continue reading

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>How To View Passwords For Wi-Fi Access Points Saved On Your Android Device

> With multiple Wi-Fi access points saved on your Android device, it is quite normal to forget the security key to a certain network. This article presents a small, handy work-around for the rare instance where you need to view a forgotten … Continue reading

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>Install Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK Port On Samsung Galaxy S I9000

> Google’s tablet OS, Android 3.0 Honeycomb has finally found it’s way onto the Samsung Galaxy S thanks to XDA-Developers forum member bammert. Honeycomb, since it’s SDK release has received tremendous development by fans trying to port it to various Android devices. While none of the ports … Continue reading

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>How To Root Verizon HTC Thunderbolt On Mac OS X

> Previously we covered a detailed guide on rooting the HTC Thunderbolt, but that was for Windows. Macusers can finally relax because this guide will take you step by step on rooting your Thunderbolt on a Mac OS X. But before we move on, we’d like … Continue reading

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>One Click Root, Unroot, Lock, And Unlock For Motorola Xoom

> Motorola Xoom is all the rage in the Android tablets world, and shouldn’t it be when you have a Android 3.0 Honeycomb running on a Dual Core Nvidia Tegra chipset. We covered how to root Xoom some time back (also check how to root Xoom Wi-Fi model), and while the … Continue reading

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