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>Web Maps To Garmin, Custom Map Converter

> Garmin is probably best known for their GPS-powered devices and applications. Up until now it was not that easy to integrate maps of web map services, like Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps or Open Street, as custom maps … Continue reading

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>How to Activate Tab Overview in Chrome

> Do you want to activate Tab Overview in Chrome on your Mac OS X? Well, After activating Tab Overview in Chrome you will be able to get expose for the web. If you are using Chrome 9 or later … Continue reading

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>BigPhone Is Google Voice Menu Bar Application For Mac [Giveaway]

> From all the Google voice desktop utilities for Mac, you are going to love BigPhone. The developer, Mike Enriquez, has kept everything minimalistic while offering all nifty features in menu bar that you can think of, such as, accessing … Continue reading

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>How To Search Websites By Date And Time

> I love to search for new userscripts on the official website. The owners of the site use Google Search to display search results which in itself is not bad. The one thing that bothered me for quite a while … Continue reading

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>Google Rolls Out Search Algorithm, Targets Content Farms

> Google is making a lot of changes lately which can partially be attributed to the rising criticism that search quality has taken the dive in recent years. The aim of the latest change that has been rolled out yesterday … Continue reading

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>How to Uninstall Chrome Extensions & Tools with Ease

> Recently Google has rolled out the Chrome Web Store. Here you’ll find loads of tools and extensions. You can download several new Chrome Apps and Google Chrome Extensions out here. But if you have installed many tools and extensions from … Continue reading

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>Join Google Groups without a Google Account [Steps]

> If there’s any discussion on Google Groups that you want to visit via web browser, you’ll be asked to sign in with a Google Account or create a new Google Account. To receive the mailing list, you have to … Continue reading

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