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>Waterproof Keyboard

> Absolutely waterproof, this high quality plug ‘n’ play keyboard works identical to any other desktop keyboard. But credit goes to an incredible waterproofing process known as Seal Shield™ it is spill proof and washable. And you needn’t be concerned … Continue reading

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>iFixit teardown the Motorola Atrix

> iFixit have managed to get their hands on a Motorola Atrix and have literally dissected the phone inside and out to uncover how fast the device is, and also how easy it is to repair. In terms of raw speed, they … Continue reading

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>Motorola Xoom available to purchase via Verizon Wireless

> The much talked about Honeycomb-driven Xoom tablet has been released and can now be purchased from the Verizon Wireless online store. As for any deals being offered, on first impressions there doesn’t appear to be a lot of choice and on paper … Continue reading

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>Nintendo 3DS Now Available In Japan

> We won’t be getting the 3DS for another month (it hits the US on March 27th), but in Japan, thousands of people are lining up to nab their handheld from retailers across the country. It’s safe to say it’s … Continue reading

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